Having grown up in rural Pennsylvania with a mother who is a family doctor, I fondly remember the “good ‘ol days” of medicine.  I first heard about direct primary care in 1999 and was attracted to the concept of price transparency and the ability to spend more time with patients.  I spent the last 16 years in employed positions until finally making the decision to turn my dream into a reality.  Alere is Latin for “to heal”.  Given all that is broken in our healthcare system, this office is my small contribution to making the world a better place.

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Our Story

Direct primary care is a model where the patient pays his or her physician a fixed monthly fee that covers the majority of your basic health care needs.  In addition to offering traditional in-office appointments, this approach allows the option to provide care in nontraditional ways such as via phone, email, and video conferencing. Perhaps most importantly, direct primary care improves access to care, allowing me to spend extended time with each patient while guaranteeing same or next day appointments.

Alere Family Health opened October 2017.  You can enroll as a patient by stopping by the office, printing out and mailing in the patient agreement or registering online by clicking "Join" below.

​Please read the patient agreement prior to clicking "Join".  Allow 10-20 minutes to complete registration.  Please fill in as much of your medical history as you are able during registration.

Direct Primary Care