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Alere Family Health


What You Receive As A Member:

  • ​Routine Office visits 30-60 minutes in length

  • Telemedicine (phone, email, text) communication with the doctor and nurse

  • Same day/ next day appointments for urgent needs

  • Yearly Wellness Visit

  • Acute care

  • Well-child care

  • Well-woman care/ pap smear

  • Sports physicals

  • DOT medical exams

  • Chronic disease management

  • Immunizations

  • In-office lab draws

  • Access to discounted, wholesale pricing on labs, testing, and medications 

  • House calls per availability

  • After hours visits per availability (urgent needs)

  • In office procedures:

    • Removal of benign skin lesions/warts

    • Simple aspiration/ injection of joints

    • Trigger point injections

    • Removal of cerumen (ear wax)

    • Wound repair and sutures

    • Abscess incision and drainage

    • Ingrown toenail removal

    • IUD removal

    • Breathing treatment (nebulizer)

    • B12 injections

    • Fluoride varnish

  • In office testing: 

    • Electrocardiogram (EKG) 

    • Spirometry  

    • Urinalysis

    • Rapid strep test

    • Vision/ hearing screening


Medications + Labs

  • For convenience and cost savings, we offer medications & medical supplies to our members at just above wholesale prices. Our prices often beat average retail pharmacy prices by 50-90%


  • ​Lab pricing is also offered at wholesale prices, a significant savings compared to other local labs.


Monthly Periodic Fees (per member):


Ages:   0-18 years of age                                $45 per month

            18-25 years of age (student)              $45 per month

            19-44 years of age                              $65 per month

            45-64 years of age                              $75 per month

            65+ years of age                                  $95 per month



Discounted fee for dependents (up to 25 years of age) with an enrolled parent:

            First child                   $25 per month

            Second child              $25 per month

            3 or more children    $15 each per month

Initial Enrollment Fees:

          $25 for first member
          $15 for each additional member in household enrolled at the same time

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